Mirco Chen resume


• Storyboardist “Morphle”  Youtube series seasons 3-6 at Moonbug Entertainment 

• Storyboardist “Superkitties” season 2 at Mainframe Studios 

• Storyboardist “Fireman Sam” Seasons 14-15 at Wildbrain Studios 

• Storyboardist “Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Specials” at Copernicus animation 

• Storyboardist “Caillou :Adventures” at IOM Media 

• Storyboardist “Blippi Wonders” at Moonbug Entertainment 

• Storyboardist “Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell: the Cartoon” at Copernicus animation 

• Storyboardist “Barbie: A Touch of Magic” at Mainframe Studios 

• Storyboardist “Tiddlytubbies” Youtube series season 4 at IOM Media 

• Storyboardist “Barbie: It Takes Two” at Mainframe Studios 

• Storyboardist “Arpo the Robot” Youtube series seasons 3-6 at Moonbug Entertainment   

• Storyboardist “Abby Hatcher” Season 2 at GURU studio 

• Storyboardist “Fireman Sam” Season 12 at IOM media  

•Storyboardist “Care Bears” Shorts at Copernicus animation  

• Storyboardist “Trailer Park Boys” at Copernicus animation

• Storyboardist “Rev and Rumble” Season 1 at DHX media

• Storyboardist “Doozers” Season 2 at DHX media

• Storyboardist “Little People” Season 2 at DHX Media

• Storyboardist “Inspector Gadget” Season 2 and 3 at DHX media

• Storyboardist Bob The Builder: Mega Machines The Movie

• Storyboardist Bob the builder Seasons 19 and 20 at HIT entertainment

• Storyboard revisionist on “Inspector Gadget” at DHX media !

• Storyboardist at Copernicus animation for animated Shiftylook webseries “BravoMan”

• Storyboards and animation for short film “A Dog is Ignoring You from thePassenger Seat of a Parked Car”

• Animation at Copernicus animation on feature film “El Santos Contra LaTetona Mendoza”

• Storyboard artist at Copernicus animation studio, for nickelodeon series“Wild Grinders”

• Storyboards artist at Copernicus animation, for animated segments ofNahid Persson Documentary

• Animation for “Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour” Opening titlesand Superhero sequence.

• Illustrations/design for Med Senses interactive medical training simulator.Raised Media.
• Design and animation for animated sections of “Saving Penny” online webseries for Stitch Media

• Illustrations and backgrounds for “Weird TV interactive website games”Halifax film.

• Animator and designer at raised media.
• Storyboard and design for “Mystery Hunters” web games.

• Animation/Design web cartoon/advertisement “Po and Bitts”, HarperCollins Canada.

• Animation Director, “Nourishment by Neglect” Bucket truck animatedmusic video.

• Director, “Fog” Wintersleep animated music video. Winner Nova Scotia

music award, Video of the year 2006.

• Storyboard artist for Colideascope/Teletoon’s Delilah and Julius seasonone, two, three, and four

• Storyboard artist “Olliver’s Adventures” Colideascope/ Teletoon’s seasontwo.

• Director, “Carmen Fantasy” George Gao animated music video.
• Rough Animator “Olliver’s Adventures” Colideascope/ Teletoon’s season 1

• Animation (Keys, In-between, clean-up, colour) for Colideascope/Teletoon’s "Ollies Under the Bed Adventures”!

• In-betweening and clean up "Clever Trevor" Cuppa Coffee/CartoonNetwork pilot.

• Animator "Snowdens Christmas" CBS/Target/Cuppa Coffee Christmasspecial

• Animation “SuperWhy" Cuppa Coffee/Nickelodeon pilot project.

. Sheridan College
Classical Animation.
. Brebuf College high school

Classical Animation:
Strong draftsmanship based on life drawing, anatomy and structure.Strong understanding of timing and posing to create believable motionand personality.
Strong film literacy and scene construction.
Strong work ethic. 

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